Crowd Control - Screen Flip Guide

This guide will help explain the process to create a screen-flip effect in OBS for any of the supported games that have the “Flip Screen” effect. By default, the screen flip effect flips your main screen which is visible to you the player, but it does not flip in OBS.

Currently, only OBS-Studio and StreamLabs OBS are supported, xSplit does not appear to have the functionality laid out below to work correctly. We are currently looking into other methods.

Here is a video that shows all the following instructions very quickly, so feel free to use the steps below to go at your own pace.

  • First, take your Window Capture, in our example it is named “GameWindow”. You can also do this with a GameCapture, but we find Window Captures to be more reliable.

  • Right-click on your WindowCapture, and click Copy. Then right-click again, and choose "Paste (Duplicate).

  • Right-click on the new duplicate source, which should have auto-renamed to “GameCapture 2”. Go to Transform, Flip Vertically.

Ensure that your Duplicate source is above the source you copied.

  • Once all that is done, go to File -> Settings and then click Hotkeys.

  • At the top of the window is a “Filter” box, type in the name of your window capture to make it easier to find.

  • On the “GameCapture 2” source for both Show and Hide, click the box to the right and press the ] key.

  • This will toggle between the source being hidden and visible when the Crowd Control effect happens.

  • Click Apply, and then OK, and you should be done!

The default setting of “GameCapture 2” should be hidden, so make sure it’s not visible before starting your stream.

If for whatever reason the OBS capture of your game does not revert back to normal when the effect runs out, you can press the ] yourself to fix it.

If the hotkey does not seem to trigger the flipping of the source, you might also want to go back to File -> Settings, and Advanced, and look for the Hotkeys settings. Make sure the behavior is set to “Never disable hotkeys”