Crowd Control Setup

Step 1: Install the Crowd Control Twitch Extension

Log into Twitch and install the Crowd Control extension!

Once installed go to your dashboard Extension Manager and find Crowd Control. Click “Configure”.

And click “Get Crowd Control”

Step 2: Install the Crowd Control Desktop Application

Go to the location you downloaded your Crowd Control installer to, and double click it to install.

Once it’s done, you should see the Crowd Control application on your screen. Click the “Login” button in the top left.

You’ll be brought to a Twitch login page. Put in your Twitch name and Password to connect Crowd Control to your twitch account.

Step 3: Select and Configure your Game

Go to game selection, and pick one of the over 80 (and growing) supported games available.

Some games support 1 Click Install. For those, you will see a button to do so. There is also a setup guide for every game.

An example of the game setup guides is below. Find the links for each game in the Crowd Control app

Step 4: Using the Effect Overlay on your stream.

The Effect Overlay shows your audience exactly what is happening on stream

To add the overlay, go to the Overlay tab in the Crowd Control Application. Copy the URL of your overlay.

Open your Streaming Software, and add a new Browser Source. Set the Dimensions based on your streaming software resolution.

720p Stream

  • Modern Game (16x9) | 1280x720 (use this if you’re unsure)
  • Retro Game (4x3) | 960x720

1080p Stream

  • Modern Game (16x9) | 1920x1080
  • Retro Game (4x3) | 1440x1080

You should now be able to click “test effect” in the Overlay options tab and see it fill the screen.

Step 5: Customize your Session

The last thing you should do is customize your session to fit your community. In the game selection tab, click “pricing” to adjust the prices on your session. Click the X to turn certain effects off.

Your audience can redeem free coins during your session. In the coin tab you can customize them if you have Crowd Control Pro.

Other Features

We are always building out new ways to customize your interactive experiences.


Feel free to join our Discord, look over our forum or contact us for additional support!