Dr. Doggo: Enter the Glitch

Here we will explain how to get and set up Crowd Control for Dr. Doggo: Enter the Glitch. This game was created for the 2020 GlitchCon event and chat helped choose certain elements of the game. The game is available now for free over at https://warpworld.itch.io/dr-doggo-enter-the-glitch.

Dr. Doggo is unique in that it is a game built with Crowd Control integrated. No additional downloads are needed for this game. Once you download and start the game, you will be prompted if you want to enable Crowd Control. This will require you to log in to the Crowd Control website and go to https://crowdcontrol.live/activate to link your Twitch account to the game.

You’ll also need to install and activate the extension on your channel. https://dashboard.twitch.tv/extensions/7nydnrue11053qmjc6g0fd6einj75p

From there each time you start the game you can choose to use Crowd Control or not. But by doing so you will allow your chat to affect your game in positive and negative ways.

As always our pricing for the game can be done on our website at https://crowdcontrol.live/item-pricing/DrDoggo

If you have any questions or need help with this setup, please head over to our forum or discord for additional support!