Gifting Crowd Control Coins

We’ve been asked by many streamers how they can give coins to their viewers and until recently we had no way for a streamer to do this. In all honesty, the main reason for this was because streamers might have used it as a way to circumvent the bits to coins in the extension, and gift users coins automatically from the cheers in their channel. Crowd Control is a service that has changed the lives of many streamers and even members of our own team, without the 20% we receive from the coins purchased on a streamers channel we wouldn’t be able to offer the service that we do.

Many users expressed the willingness to pay for coins that they could then gift their users. We gave this idea some thought and came up with this solution, which we think is easy to understand, easy to do, and keeps has the least amount of friction for a streamer to do.

Right now if a streamer goes to and does a cheer in the channel, it will update their “Coin Balance”. Each cheer of 1 bit is equal to 10 coins. This is a different exchange rate than the coins bought directly from the extension. The streamer can then give those coins to a viewer by typing the !give command in the CrowdControl channels chat. You can type “!help” to get more details!

The following image shows the streamer sbebops doing a “cheer100” on the CrowdControl channel, thus adding an additional 1000 coins to their balance making it 1,390 coins. Then they used the !give command to transfer the coins to users in their channel!


The user coin balances are updated right away and the coins can be used right away.

Only streamers should cheer in this channel right now, this is a way for streamers to purchase coins for their viewers. If you want to help a streamer do this, it’s best to cheer in their channel first and then tell them they should cheer in our channel to do the giving of coins.

New: Subscribing to the CrowdControl channel will provide you with 300 coins to gift to your viewers as well!

We have some plans to allow streamers to automate gifting of coins and new ways to receive coins that they can choose to give out to their viewers. Some of these could be through subscribing to the CrowdControl channel, pledging to the Warp World Pro tier on Patreon, or reaching certain milestones while using Crowd Control. We’re open to any suggestions you have on this and welcome any feedback. Feel free to email!