How to connect Tiltify to Crowd Control

This is a simple guide on how to link Tiltify to Crowd Control! This is a great way to give to a supported charity directly while playing Crowd Control.

We currently support:

If this is your first time using Crowd Control, head over to our site to see what we are all about: We recently helped St Jude bring in over 70k using our Twitch extension!

At this point, all games you play using the Crowd Control extension will use your campaign.

Some Notes

If you are sharing a campaign with other streamers, coins will be shared between all players.

For our charity setup, subcoins are not redeemable and everyone gets 100 free coins rather then the normal 50.

Don’t for get to adjust your prices to better compliment your stream and community!

If you have any questions, issues or comments, feel free to ask at our discord. Have fun!