How to setup the Crowd Control overlay

We are pleased to announce a new overlay for the Crowd Control application. This is a browser source that you can add to your streaming software and have effects appear on top of your stream.

Once you have the Crowd Control desktop application opened up, click the Configuration option on the right. And then scroll down to the Stream Overlay section.

Make sure you click Start or check the Auto Start? checkbox so you don’t have to do this again.

In your streaming software, add a new browser source. You want to use the URL path that’s described in the desktop app. This ensures the overlay properly loads even if starting your streaming software before starting Crowd Control.

Advanced users can also point the browser source to http://localhost:31337/ or custom host/port. Crowd Control will need to be running before loading the browser source/streaming software for this to work properly. The browser source has to be reloaded if you change the host and/or port number.

All current supported Crowd Control games support this new overlay. It has 3 areas for effects to show.

  • The top right area will show current pending effects that are queued up and ready to go. Things like E-Boss tanks, Refill Life in Mega Man games.

  • The bottom right area will show current effects that are currently active and have a small outline that slowly circles the items graphic so you can see at a glance how much longer they are active for.

  • And the bottom left are effects that have been activated and will disappear after a few seconds of showing.

We’re still making improvements on this and will be allowing custom overlay themes to be used as well. So feel free to suggest features and comment on our forum or discord!

Dual PC Setup: If you are running a dual PC setup for streaming, you must change the IP address in the Crowd Control setup from the default, to the internal IP address of the computer that is running Crowd Control, OR the easier method of setting it to

From there when using OBS on your other PC, you must use the IP address to connect and not the local file. If your gaming PC had an internal IP of, you would then put http://192.168.1:234:31337 after changing the port and clicking start.

Keep in mind, because you are directly connecting to the overlay over the network, if Crowd Control is not running before opening OBS, you will need to refresh the source after opening Crowd Control for the overlay to work.

P.S. You can still use our old text file if you have a custom setup, which is found at %APPDATA%/CrowdControl/effect_log.txt