Make a multiplayer compatible version of Crowd Control for Minecraft?

I personally want to make a server for streamers with Crowd Control being one of the mods involved. I would find it entertaining just playing with streamers and just a random thing happens to them or it just starts raining. Obviously some features might need to be enabled or disabled at the server owner’s discretion, but fans would find more entertainment in doing these things.

We would love to do a CC Minecraft server, but it currently violates their TOS. We cannot recommend it at this time.

Oh well. It would have been fun for everyone. But if that’s the way it has to be.

I agree! It’s something we are trying to make happen in a legit way :slight_smile:

The hardest part after the ToS issue being resolved is getting streamers to play it.

Can someone please elaborate on what specifically causes this to be in violation of Minecrafts TOS for servers, but not single player?


With hosting servers, we want to enable the community to make money by creating, hosting, and maintaining servers for Minecraft, so you may do this subject to these Guidelines. By “server,” we mean a single connecting address or IP number.

Therefore, if you comply with and follow the Brand and Asset Usage Guidelines and Naming Guidelines above, YOU MAY:

ask for donations (as opposed to direct charges) IF you do not offer the individual donor something in exchange that only he or she can use. You may offer server wide rewards if donation goals are achieved though.

sell entitlements that affect gameplay provided that they do not adversely or negatively another player’s experience and provided they do not give a competitive gameplay advantage. A competitive gameplay advantage is something that, given identical skill levels, time investment, and circumstances, can cause one player or group to perform better than another.

Basically since effects are per-person and could be considered pay to win, we are not able to have this work on servers. Crowd Control works best when each player get’s an individual effect, and since we wouldn’t be able to reasonable expect all players on the server get the same effect without them all having the mod installed and being in a similar state as the other players, it’s not something we can offer at this time.

Hi team! Hope you are well! Thank you for this service, its fantastic. I’ve reviewed what you said above and want to ask because its unclear to me.

I understand the interpretation, based on the streamers’ chats involvement and selections, can impact negatively or positively that individual streamer, however, I am curious if we have multiple streamers that want their game impacted while playing together on a server made privately only for these streamers, are we able to do this, does the functionality exist and if not, is this something that could be or will be worked on? I have a group of streamers who want to use Crowd Control together on a private server that only they are allowed to connect to and used for these one-time events, and the impact from each of their streams only will impact them. I’m certain if the requirement was the effects had to impact both of them thats something that if they chose to, could deal with, but I am just curious if there is any solution to this issue?

Thank you,

It’s still against the TOS. Doing anything that breaks a TOS even privately is still breaking the TOS. At the end of the day, we do not want to get on the bad side of Mojang/Microsoft with this. Their terms clearly state that you cannot have a multiplayer server that has impact on players that could give them an advantage or pay-to-win sort of thing. And that any effects a user can “purchase” has to affect all players the same. Which just isn’t possible due to the complexity of each player and their own state being completely different from each other.

We’d love to have CrowdControl Minecraft for Multiplayer. But at the end of the day streamers using it could end up getting banned, even getting Twitch temp-bans, and we could be asked to not make any mods for the single player side of things for violating their TOS. The risk is too much at the moment for us to take this.

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Can’t you just make it so the effects are server wide?
Like for say someone donates 10$ and everyone gets 1 diamond or something like that?

Because server wide effects is in my opinion gonna be the way to go, even if you sort out the multiplayer TOS breach thing.

The format of Crowd Control doesn’t work like that at the moment. The issue with it is that the state of the players is all different. One player could be in a boat, another could be on a ladder or in a cart, one could just be walking, another could be dead. So spawning any effect would either need to check the state of all players to make sure they are all in the right state to receive that effect, or not do it at all.

Doing more general effects like changing the time, weather, etc. Would be doable but are a bit more limiting.