Minecraft (PC)

Important This is intended for single-player only! Multiplayer support is not possible with this mod.

This guide has been updated to reflect the latest version of Minecraft, 1.16.1 - 1.16.5!

Here we will explain how to use Minecraft(PC) with Crowd Control!

Crowd Control Prep

Click here to explain how to setup the Twitch Crowd Control extension

More info on how the extension works can be seen at https://crowdcontrol.live/extension-details

Minecraft Setup

Try our new 1 click installer in the desktop app, which should take care of all the below steps!.

1.16.1-1.16.5 is only supported at this time.

To setup the mod manually, click here
  • Before we begin, you will need the official Minecraft Launcher + Minecraft Forge
    and the Crowd Control mod to proceed.
    • Grab Forge Installer 1.16.5 here
    • The only supported version of this mod is 1.16.5!
  • Run the Forge installer and select “Install Client” with the default path.
  • For more info on installing this mod with Forger, take a look here

Now that the mod is installed, connect to Crowd Control!

  • Close Minecraft if you have it running.
  • From the Crowd Control desktop app, select “PC - Minecraft” from the dropdown and hit “Start”.
  • Start up Minecraft!

If you want to disable the in game messages or the CC mod, take a look at this guide. As an example, the default in game messages looks like:
Our browser source and effect lists still work, so the customization options are flexible to fit your stream! You can get more info over at - How to setup the Crowd Control overlay


Not a Twitch affiliate or partner? Become a Warp World Pro member to use this pack, which also includes other special Crowd Control features.

You can follow the general setup guide at Warp World - The Future of Interactive Streaming & Gaming for extra help with the Crowd Control app, the extension or emulator support. Don’t forget to create a menu and adjust item pricing at Warp World - The Future of Interactive Streaming & Gaming.

If you have any questions or need help with this setup, please head over to our Discord, reach out on Twitter, post on our forum or email CCsupport@warp.world!

Shout outs to racerxdl for making this pack!

Additional thanks to TheGamersBrew for updating this pack!