Pokémon Red/Blue (GB)

Here we will explain how to prepare a Pokémon Red/Blue ROM to be use with Crowd Control. We will not provide the ROM, but once you have obtained your legal backup from original source, follow the below steps.

  • Before you are able to play any Game Boy game with Bizhawk, you will need to get a legally obtained backup of your Game Boy’s BIOS. Import the GB BIOS, Config > Firmwares. Find GB, right click and Set Custom . This will allow you to browse to your BIOS. After selecting BIOS, choose the relaunch option or close out Bizhawk and reopen from the CC app.

    An example of GB BIOS may look like:
Filename: bios_gb.bin, [BIOS] Nintendo Game Boy Boot ROM (World).gb, etc
CRC32   : 59C8598E
MD5     : 32FBBD84168D3482956EB3C5051637F5
SHA1    : 4ED31EC6B0B175BB109C0EB5FD3D193DA823339F
  • Nothing extra needed at this point. The vanilla version of Pokémon Red/Blue will get auto-patched when you start Bizhawk through the Crowd Control app.
    • We do not support the Randomizer for Red/Blue

If the application is unable to use your ROM it will let you know. Also to ensure the game is working, you should see “C.C. Edition” on the title screen of the game!

Common Issues:
The ROM is in a read-only state, make sure you right-click and check the properties on it and on the folder the ROM is located in. If these are read-only we are unable to write the patches to the ROM which are required for Crowd Control to work.

If you are getting errors in the Lua Console around memory, it means you are using the wrong core. We only support the Gambatte core for Game Boy.

We updated the behavior of the Pokemon Mart, instead of just getting Oak’s Parcel, you now also get the Pokedex here. This solves the issue with not being able to get past the old man. You do not need to deliver the parcel to Oak.

Looking for Game Boy Color Support?

Here are some tips for getting Pokemon Red/Blue set for GBC, which can look much better for streams. This will require the same ROM as before, but this time we need the GBC BIOS to continue and the GBC setting enabled.

  • Import the GBC BIOS, Config > Firmwares. Find GBC, right click and Set Custom. This will allow you to browse to your BIOS. After selecting BIOS, choose the relaunch option or close out Bizhawk and reopen from the CC app.

    For reference, GBC BIOS may look like:
Filename: bios_gbc.bin
CRC32   : 41884E46
MD5     : DBFCE9DB9DEAA2567F6A84FDE55F9680
SHA1    : 1293D68BF9643BC4F36954C1E80E38F39864528D
  • After starting Pokemon, change the console from GB > Settings, and change Console Mode
    image image

You can follow the general setup guide at https://crowdcontrol.live/setup for extra help with the Crowd Control app, the extension or emulator support. And don’t forget to login and adjust item pricing at https://crowdcontrol.live/item-pricing/PokemonRedBlue.

If you have any questions or need help with this setup, please head over to our forum or discord for additional support!