Super Metroid and A Link to the Past Crossover Randomizer (SNES)

CAUTION: This game pack is tested but will randomly not work as expected. We suggest you verify things are working before streaming

Here we will explain how to prepare a Super Metroid/Zelda: ALTTPR ROM to be used with Crowd Control. We will not provide the ROM, but once you have obtained your legal backup from original source, follow the below steps.

  • Head over to and generate a new seed.
    • If you need help setting up the ROM, we suggest reviewing the guides on their site.
  • Point the Crowd Control Desktop app at your seed!

You can follow the general setup guide at for extra help with the Crowd Control app, the extension or emulator support. And don’t forget to log in and adjust item pricing at .

If you have any questions or need help with this setup, please head over to our forum or discord for additional support!