The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition (PC)

Here we will explain how to use Skyrim Special Edition with Crowd Control.

This is intended to work with Skyrim Special Edition only. Other mods may break some functionality or provide less reliable game play.

We recommend you use the One-Click setup in the desktop application. But if you run into any issues or are familliar with mods, you can follow the manual setup steps below.

Note: Plugins.txt is moved to Plugins_backup.txt when using the one-click install.

To setup the mod manually, click here

If you want to manually add the mod, follow the below steps:

  • We will be using a plugin tool to allow effects to work. Before setup, you may want to back up any saves you have.
  • Download the plugin tool and our Crowd Control plug here:
    • Copy the contents of this zip to the Skyrim Special Edition steam folder. (Right click Skyrim SE in Steam > Manage > Browse local files)
    • “Replace files in the destination” if asked.

After you have installed the mod, launch the game using skse64_loader.exe.

  • The loader is found in your games’ install folder. Right click Skyrim SE in Steam > Manage > Browse local files.

Enable Crowd Control in the mod menu in-game:

image image

  • Signing in to is not needed. You can press the “Load Order” button to enable the mod.
  • Un-checking and re-checking the mod should reload it if you run into any issues with CC connecting.
  • Plugins.txt is moved to Plugins_backup.txt if using the 1 click install.

Finally, hit START in the Crowd Control desktop app!

If you don’t see the following after loading into the game.

You may have missed something, or the Crowd Control mod is not high enough on list of mods.

If you see just “Crowd Control” then you didn’t launch the game using the SK64 loader.

Support and Notes

Overlay Note: The default is to display Crowd Control events using the in game text. You can disable this by editing the CrowdControl.ini included in our zip. Change bEnableCommandNotify=1 to bEnableCommandNotify=0 and move it to your Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition folder.

"Invert Display" effect OBS Setup: The “Invert Display” effect requires an extra step for your viewers to see. It will flip your screen, but OBS will not reflect the flip. Take a look at our guide for more info Crowd Control - Screen Flip Guide

You can follow the general setup guide at Warp World - The Future of Interactive Streaming & Gaming for extra help with the Crowd Control app, the extension or emulator support. Don’t forget to create a menu and adjust item pricing at Warp World - The Future of Interactive Streaming & Gaming.

If you have any questions or need help with this setup, please head over to our forum or discord for additional support!

This pack made possible by Superxwolf#7043! Find more at their GitHub