Announcements about Warp World products and events. These include new products, technical updates, and upcoming events being ran by Warp World!


Anything having to do with the Warp World Podcast and Warp World Historians should be discussed here!

Warp Queue

Discussion pertaining to the queue system. Feel free to ask for help pertaining to the Super Mario Maker and Mega Man Maker queue here. Also post any suggestions, bugs, or feature requests here!


Discussion pertaining to the 1upCoin donation service. If you have any issues with setup, or found a bug, feel free to post here. If you have ideas on what new coin you might want to see or other ideas be sure to post under the Suggestions sub-category!

Team Projects

This area will show off other projects by developers of Warp World. They may not be services offered by Warp World officially, but just something someone on the team has developed. You can use this space to ask for help, report bugs or give other feedback to them directly!


Extensions developed by Warp World will be listed here. Bugs, feature requests and other suggestions can be posted here!