Make Crowd Control Work in

As a suggestiuon since a lot of streamers are also streaming in other platforms (Like myself) I would suggest to attempt or make a way that crowd control work on

It has almost the same way they work as Twitch

Mana would be the equilvalent of Channel Points

Elixir would be the equyivalent of Bits

I hope this can be worked out, i really wnmat to use this app on that platform


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Trovo doesn’t have any extensions on their platform at this time. While they do have an API we could look at, the approval process for it takes a long time. We actually requested API access for another application of ours back in June (WarpWorld For Trovo) and it’s yet to be approved.

If we were to get an API token, they still don’t have a way for us as developers to make a cut of the revenue from Elixir.

This isn’t all a no at this point, but they don’t have the infrastructure in place for us to build the same level of interaction that our users come to expect and they don’t seem to be keen on giving out tokens in a timely manner.