A way to move levels in the queue after a donation

im thinking if someone donates then i could with nightbot go !(username) and it would move that persons level (if they has one) to next in line for the queue or even set it to do it automatically or with a #username as most people do that after a donation anyway i think it be great to be able to have that if it was wanted and i think it get a lot of use as most players that stream do it after a donation anyways it just be a great way to help them. anyway thank you for reading this and having such a great site and helpers in your discord

Nothing like this yet. We are in the middle of a re-write of the site and I’ve passed this on to the other devs to think of a way we can integrate this into the new site structure.

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Ooh I definitely second this one Jaku !
Being able to reorder the queue would be great,
I allow viewers to spend chat currency to bump their level forward,
and right now I just have to use my memory, which can be a bit janky. :stuck_out_tongue: