Allow users to get a better queue position

It might be cool for some streams, if you could do X thing to allow jumping up (or down) Y spots in the queue. It would let loyal (or lucky?) viewers or moderators do something like spend some amount of currency or some random element (dice or whatever, it doesn’t matter).

I see it as an existing bot running a command as a result of…some unspecified thing…that makes the real magic happen.

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We have discussed before of ways to prioritize loyal viewers by giving them better queue positions based on different stuff.I like the currency idea and actually built my own solution like that a while back with help of warpworlds open API, where you spend in-stream currency for better “luck” and it increases your chances of getting pulled randomly. One of the problems is that WarpWorld (WarpBot) currently doesn’t have it’s own currency system and there’s no way for it to get that information from your bot, even if that might not be true in your case depending on what bot you’re using it still wont be able to get it from the majority of the bots other streamers are using and thus can’t check/add/remove a users currency and arrange the queue accordingly.

Creating a currency -like feature is a big project and as time is rarely on our side it probably wont be added in nearest feature. If you know how to code you can always create your own solution like this with help of the API. Roll a dice? Try !rand :wink:


Is your solution “open” for anyone to use? :grinning:

I don’t really know how to code, so that would help me get started .




Currency aside, what about just a feature that allows the Queue to be re-arranged? Such as up & down buttons and probably chat command like " !forward xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx" to move a level forward one space in the queue.