API for code generator

is there an api i could use for a programme i am making that generates random level codes. i noteced that warp world gives a title of the level submited so it is done somehow.

We don’t generate random level codes. We retrieve the information from Nintendo through magic.

i know you dont generate code i am making a programe that does it. i just need a way to verify codes generated as the number of posible codes is a 27 digit number

So im making a program that generates a random mario maker 2 level code and i need a way to verify it is there any way i can use the api to verfy level codes with my program


Letters = {“1”,“2”,“3”,“4”,“5”,“6”,“7”,“8”,“9”,“0”,“Q”,“W”,“E”,“R”,“T”,“Y”,“U”,“P”,“A”,“S”,“D”,“F”,“G”,“H”,“J”,“K”,“L”,“X”,“C”,“V”,“B”,“N”,“M”}

for i=1,3 do
for x=1,3 do
if i ~= 3 then

the program is currently programmed in LUA but could be adapted to another language if necessary

ok i just read the forum post @ API to find level information and i do understand server issue stuff but dont see how you can’t have 2 query types that are stored and calculated completly independantly from eachother by using difrent calling ids even if we require a login (even if paid)
another more user friendly solution is to have another page on your site: https://warp.world/verify that has a dropdown box that has what mario maker your using and another box to input a code that can then go off and verify the code and give level detals

What is the purpose of trying to generate a random ID string… and/or why would you expect a randomly-generated course ID in the correct format to often be a valid course ID? Most theoretically possible IDs ought to be Invalid just because a course by that ID would not have yet been uploaded: would this not require a large number of wasteful verify operations before you finally arrive at a random ID that exists?

The APIs you are referring to were related to Mario Maker 1. I’m pretty sure there is no public API from Nintendo or anyone else for retrieving any Course World level names or data from a Mario Maker 2 course ID. My assumption is WW likely have unofficial means of querying MM2 data but don’t currently accommodate 3rd parties wanting to programatically retrieve course information related to MM2.

yes i understand that the codes generated most likely wont be a valid code (i only include letters that can be used for MM2 level codes and as i said earlier it is astronomical) and i understand it could be a waste of recouces thats why it could be a paid service to acomodate the extra load that it would require and after diving into the scouce code that they use the WW verification can only work from inside WW so the code that you send from twitch goes to the WW server then gets processed.
as to why; yes i could just play endless but endless pushes more liked levels i just want way to play a completly random level with no critera other than is it an uploaded level this could also be a way of finding new makers that nobody knows about (althogh there is search by newset and the recently uploaded levels)