Auto add Bookmarks not working


I have entered the cookie code but no levels are bookmark. Tried the Play Now button, but nothing happens.

Is it normal that every refresh of the bookmark website the cookie code is different?

Hoop someone can help me.

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The website usually only changes the cookie on refresh if you are not logged in. It can still change even when logged in but that’s usually the common cause of it not working. Be sure that you are logged in.

Try to replace the cookie one more time if it isn’t working and if you are still having issues feel free to reach out to me directly and I’ll try to help out!

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I have tried it a few hours later and it works. Every refresh while logged in still change the cookie, but I don’t change it on the settings page and after 3 days it still works.

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I can’t get auto bookmark to work either…I have to click play now and add them manually to my bookmarks.

Is there a way to make them automatically go into my queue??

(tonight was my first stream, so I am still learning)


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Make sure you follow the video instructions, and setup the cookie on the site. It won’t do that unless you are signed into the Bookmark site and use the cookie from there first. Instructions can be found on the page and click More Info for instructions/video.

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I just checked in JL Nightmare’s and Terry’s stream, the Warp World command doesn’t seem to be working right now and it’s saying the codes from the Bookmark site isn’t exist.

i got the same problem :c i changed the cookies a few times trying to make it work but nothing, maybe nintendo blocked it somehow edit: didn’t noticed that clicking play now will add it to bookmark :smiley:

It’s certainly working. I used it yesterday so it isn’t Nintendo doing anything weird.

If you can PM me the cookie you are entering I can confirm if it is working though the code directly. Be sure to not post the cookie publicly.

Alright this is still working, but the usage might not be apparent. You need to click Play and then that level will be added, if you remove the level or stop it, it will be unbookmarked.

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