Binding of Isaac. Game does not recognize crowd control mod installed

Hey there! I was trying to get Binding of Isaac crowd control working. The game version is repentance. I also disabled random card and teleport as per instructions. I also verified that CC is installing the mod in the correct folder. But the game will not See the mod. I verified mods ARE being detected by installing another mod from the workshop. Am I missing something?

Are you launching the game from Crowd Control, or from Stream?

The mod requires the game be launched with an additional argument. In Steam it should look like this.

But from the Crowd Control app, it should launch it with that argument automatically.

I am launching it from crowd control app yeah. and before the game starts it asks to launch with that command argument, which I accept. The game loads normally, but does not see the CC mod.

Hey there, we have had success with the pack running with Repentance with a few tweaks. If things are jut not working out, you can downgrade back to AB+ for the mod to work (Steam > properties > DLC > uncheck DLC)

We are hoping to have a more offical update to Repentance very soon!