Blocking users

I was unable to find any answers regarding this.

Is there any ability to block certain users from participating in your crowd control? Would blocking/banning them from the channel keep them from using the extention?

Blocking users is something we have the functionality for, but it isn’t accessible at the moment to streamers to use. If you need a specific user banned, you can reach out to myself on Discord (jaku#1337) or PM me here.

We’re looking into also using the ban command in chat so anyone that is banned from your chat would also be banned from the extension. And while that sounds like a good idea, there are some cases where streamers might not want that. So we’re working to develop a solution that let’s you be in full control of this.

Thanks for replying and the info. Would love to be able to have some tighter controls on my channel.

cant seem to find a pm option on this site, and you’re not accepting friend requests on discord… so how can i report someone that needs to be blocked? ( this person is somehow getting unlimited coins without paying)

Users can DM me without a friend request. Your settings might be preventing that, but as long as we are on a shared server my DMs are open.

Additionally we made some changes recently to address what is most likely happening. A user isn’t getting unlimited coins but is instead using alt-accounts to generate free coins and using them to pool for effects.