Bot not Working

I’m experiencing several issues with my WarpWorldBot. I’m not sure if this would make a difference, but I recently hit affiliate. The bot worked without issue until I hit affiliate a few days ago. Since then, it hasn’t worked. One of my Mods tried to do some troubleshooting for me but we aren’t sure what the deal is.

Originally, I used my own account as the WarpBot (I’m reading now that that isn’t recommended).
Since it stopped working, today we tried creating a separate account named “ZtheWolfBot” and used that as the second bot. WarpWorldBot has Mod permissions as well as the “ZtheWolfBot” account.

Since making the “ZtheWolfBot” account the bot, I’m seeing the levels users post in the chat appear in the queue. While some levels are now being added to the queue… I no longer see the confirmation messages in the chat that the level was added to the queue. If users post !list or !queue or any other command, no message is posted in the queue.

I have been using WarpWorldBot for probably around a month or so without issue until now. Any assistance you can provide is much appreciated. Thank you in advance for any guidance or help you can provide!

The bot lives in OBS. So when you unlinked the account, you need to refresh your web browser source in OBS or close it out completely.