Bot sometimes not working & Invalid note reply not localized

Recently, I’ve been experiencing two bugs while using Warp Queue to play SMM2.

  1. Sometimes, the bot just won’t work - I have to refresh my browser/page to get it to work again.

  2. Even though I’ve localized the , it will still print out the original message “the code you entered XXX-XXX-XXX was found to be invalid. Please double check before entering again!”

Could you look into the issues or suggest what I could be doing wrong / can do to fix them?

  1. That’s a bit strange. Are you using a custom bot or WarpWorldBot? The way it works is a fairly typical TwitchJS framework that auto-reconnects on disconnects and things.It might be hard to track down for an individual user, but if you can try to take note of times it happens I can check logs.

  2. That response is a hard-coded response. There are a few of them in there that are mainly there in case something bigger fails or it’s unable to reach out to the DB to get your custom response.