Bot Whisper Control Feature?


I started using the queue system for Jackbox games (FANTATSIC bot, by the way!). As I was setting it up, I noticed a possible issue with the queue system using the !whisper command. My thought process explained below is to help keep trolls under control.

Most Jackbox games hold a maximum of 8 players. So myself as the host as well as playing, the max queue would be 7 entries. Once I have 7 people lined up, I’d tell chat to type !whisper in chat and the bot will message them the room code (once I update the whisper message, of course). However, the issue with this would be that once I clear the queue, people who just played can enter again and hog up spots which is something I want to avoid. Jackbox is pretty big in my channel and I want to set this up as fairly as possible.

With that said, I had an idea that I’d love to pitch forward and see if this would be doable!

To make the Jackbox queues more fair, I would keep the max queue entries higher, like the default 50. So let’s say that 50 people join the queue, they would ALL get the whisper if they all typed !whisper. But ideally, we’d want the top 7 to be able to get this whispers. So my idea was this… What are your thoughts on adding a button to the queued player list that manually sends a whisper to that user? That way WE as the streamer control who gets the set up whisper message. (Added a poorly made screenshot example, lol)

I understand this can be done manually if we were to do this ourselves on the Twitch site, but this would keep things moving quickly and also help keep the trolls under control too. So maybe either adding a manual whisper feature, or add a feature that only lets the top # of entries be allowed to use the !whisper command. If something like this is already available, please point me in the right direction. But if not, I think this would be a huge help in regards to Jackbox queues!

Thanks for your time, looking forward to your thoughts! :slight_smile:

Jackbox custom support is something I want to look into. So I’ll keep this noted as the features that are most likely to have.