Can i change Response in curved brackets commands?

Hey everyone

i’m a streamer from germany and i’m changed every Bot Responses to german. i have 2 Problems with the comands in the curved brackets. Is there a way to change thos responses to?
Problem ist:

1: {diff}, with this i have a german sentence with english difficulty, if a viewer submitts a level
2: {status}, german sentence with english queue status.

for examlpe:
i want to change “open” and “closed” in the {status} command.

i hope you understand my problem.


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Thanks for the post. The status for open/closed cannot be changed at the moment or the difficulty as that is pulled from the Nintendo servers. But we are working on a new system that will allow for much more control over replies and things that we will be sure to allow you to change. We are hoping for this to be completed in the first month of 2018!

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