Can you at least say hi?

Hello, this is more of a meme request that could be taken seriously. So as a twitch streamer I personally don’t mind if someone just comes in my stream, drops a level, checks the queue, then either leaves or lurks. But I have seen MANY streamers who do get offended when someone just drops a level and then leaves without any form of streamer to viewer chat interaction, then continue to poop talk the smm community about how they only care about levels, not the streamers. That being said, is their a way where to make it so warp world recognizes if someone sends a message before using any of the warpbot commands? And if someone were to use a warp world command without a message, an output of “Can you atleast say hello first?” could appear. :stuck_out_tongue: Just wondering if this is possible and/or could be implemented. Thanks!

LOL. I mentioned this on my stream about 1-2 weeks ago. 100% for this. I’ll see what I can do to get this working in the current “Warp Bot” version.


I concur. I ruthlessly skip levels when their levels are up, if they do not respond to my verbal messages asking “are you here?”

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