Cannot create a queue with game title "Games + Demos"

Hi all! I would like to use Warp Queue to allow viewers to submit links to games they have created in game jams. Since each stream sees me playing a bunch of different games, all of which are too small to be included in Twitch’s official game list, I typically stream under the Games + Demos category. However, even when I double-click on the Games + Demos suggestion in the Create New Queue window and submit, the window closes without reporting success, and no such queue appears in my list of queues. I tried this several times after refreshing, logging out and back in, and so on.

To get around this for now, I created a queue under the Science & Technology category, and that worked fine on the first try. However, will the Science & Technology queue work even if I’m streaming in the Games + Demos category?

The category doesn’t really matter, it’s just a way for you to easily filter. If Science & Technology works to create the category then go ahead and use that.