Commands stop working when custom bot is setup

I can use the default WarpWorldBot with no issues.
When I follow instruction to setup a custom Bot for personalization (opening the provided link in a separate browser where my bot account is active) the setup appears to work successfully and Warp World’s “Warpbar/Bot” icon is green… (warpbar is active as well) But the bot then proceeds to not respond to any commands in chat. If I then remove the custom bot, WarpWorldBot will immediately be back in action and it will then respond to all commands.

I’m a little new to Twitch so I am confident I might just be doing something wrong, however I am also good at following instruction haha, so not sure where things are going wrong for me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

When you switch from using WarpWorldBot to a custom but you’ll need to force reload your Warp Bar. If you added it to OBS, closing OBS and reopening it will do this. But also right-clicking the browser source you added to OBS and clicking on Properties and making sure these 2 boxes are checked will also help.


When you hide the browser source and reload it, it will login and will use your bot information.

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That fixed it, thanks for the help!