Connection Issues using chat bot (NO immediate help required)

The first time I used warp world, it took every command twice. When I found that it’s because warp world is connected via both chat bot and warp bar(OBS), I removed warp bar, and everything worked fine for a couple of streams. i.e. warp world worked while only connected as chat bot and not through warp bar. But recently, chat bot is not connecting to twitch, and not taking any commands. I’ve modded WarpWorldBot by the way.

This is not that big of an issue, as I can add warp bar to OBS, and it works there just fine, I just want to let you guys know about this problem.

The chat bot only works though the WarpBar. There is no other bot. You may have had an extra source in OBS that you were not aware of, or you had the WarpBar URL opened in a browser. But we don’t have another bot that will connect to Twitch outside of the WarpBar.

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Thanks for immediate reply. Understood what happened. I’ll be careful to check the no of sources next time.