Crowd Control Elite

Crowd Control Elite is a new way for viewers to help show their support to Warp World and get a few extra features while doing so! We are always working to improve our services and having this subscription service can help us do this!

Once you Subscribe ($2.99) to the CrowdControl Twitch channel, you’ll get access to the following benefits.

Crowd Control Elite:

  • Ghost Mode for Effect Coin Exchanges
  • Ghost Mode for Effect Purchases
  • Elite member status shown in the Crowd Control overlay

With Ghost Mode, you will be able to purchase effects and exchange bits for coins without it announcing your username. This will keep the streamer guessing who the biggest troll in their chat is while you get to sit back and watch the show without any of the blame!

We really do hope that you enjoy these features and while we don’t want to pay gate anything, we worked directly with Twitch to bring this functionality into the extension and have a custom subscription price of $2.99! We will still continue to update the extension and bring new features to all users and having this subscription will help enable us to do so!