Dark Souls 3 - Redemption bug/Screen Flip bug

Hey all, so I’ve been using CC and absolutely loving it, but last night I ran into a couple bugs and I’m not entirely sure what caused them. The first one I ran into had to do with Anime Mode. A couple people tried activating it and the icon would pop up into the top right corner of the CC overlay box, however it would not trigger. Other redeems worked fine, it seemed to be specific to Anime Mode. I added a clip where anime mode “queued” but didn’t trigger.

Anime mode clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/BashfulKnottySashimiBCouch-izrm2yDQVYB9Oo7y

The other, and far more annoying issue, is on the screen flip redeem. It seems when the screen is flipped via CC, the game loses focus and my controller becomes useless until I click on the screen. This would be fine if I were playing M&K but with a controller, in the midst of a difficult fight or another situation, not being able to have any inputs register in game is awful to have happen. I’ve included a clip of this one as well.

Screen flip: https://clips.twitch.tv/FaintBovineDogFreakinStinkin-DGuktZSMmANvbtGd

I’m unsure if these are bugs or if it’s just something that I’ve done wrong, but I would love to know if there is a way to rectify this as both of these redeems are my favourites. Any advice or help would be tremendous!

For anime mode do you happen to have any other mods installed in the game? It’s possible that they could be conflicting with that. However from watching the clip it looks like it queued but never tried to activate because slow mode was active. I don’t remember the timeout for Anime Mode off the top of my head, but it might only try a few times before “giving up”. If you’re able to load the game and send it yourself using the Live Extension button in the client and only that effect, that should help with some troubleshooting.

For screen flip, it’s odd that it would take your input away. We can see about adding something to try and steal focus back to the window during the flip and then un-flip. But I don’t recall this being an issue when we first released it. We end up sending a key-press to flip your OBS source with the hotkey, so I’m wondering if that is somehow stealing your focus, and not giving it back to the game. If you try running the game with the controller and press any key on the keyboard, does it then steal focus away until you click into it?

Thanks for the clips in both of these, it helps a lot.

For the anime mode one, I had to restart the desktop program in order for it to actually trigger. Even without any other things active it would still just queue but never actually trigger.

The screen flip would not allow me to do anything until I clicked with the mouse. I have the OBS source flipped so when it triggers I hit the hotkey so it displays to the stream but whether I hit the hotkey first or not, focus is lost from the game when it happens.

I’m not sure if that’s helpful and if there’s anything I can do to explain or illustrate it better let me know. Thank you so much for replying!

Thanks! We should have some fixes for these in the works.