Edit Bot Response !delete

I can’t seem to find a way to edit the delete response and I would very much like to.

My SMM bookmarks had become crowded with uncleared levels, including ones I wasn’t planning to play again. I noticed that the delete command removes the level from the queue, but does NOT remove from Bookmarks. Whereas the skip command removes from both Q and bookmarks. So now, I am starting to use the skip command to delete any and all levels which I do not want cluttering my bookmarks. And use the delete command specifically to save levels that I want to come back to.

But the delete command response seems to be locked as “Level removed! {levelcode} @{submitter} can resubmit later” because I can’t find it under any of the edit bot response categories. And I would like very much to change that response please.

I know using the skip command in this way will jank up my stats, but I have an anti-desire to clear up my bookmarks manually.