Enhancement: MM2 Manual Level Add to Queue

As we wait for Google/Youtube to approve for tying into the youtube chat it would be great to have a way to manually add levels from chat. I stream to a few channels and youtube is a big part of my community. It’ll be great when/if it goes through but in the meantime for use cases like this can an entry field for manually typing in a level to the queue be implemented?

It’s coming, as stated at the announcement and multiple other times. All previous features that Warp World supported will be making it to Multi Queue.

We have a lot of projects that we are working on concurrently, and have been doing a lot of behind the scene changes to make these features come to Multi Queue. We don’t have a time frame as it’s all done in our spare time outside our day jobs and other life responsibilities. Trust us, we wish we could do this full-time and bring out these features sooner.

We recommend you use Discord for viewer levels on YouTube, or check our Discord as others have created some work arounds for YouTube at the moment.