I cant change which account I'm logged into?

I’m logged into my bot account on Warp World and nothing I have attempted will allow me to switch account login to my main account. This is insane!

And yes, I’ve tried just logging out and logging back in but the website has my credentials saved and won’t give me the option to switch users!

That is why we say to use a different browser/incognito when logging in with your bot.

You’ll need to go to https://www.twitch.tv/settings/connections, find Warp World, and disconnect it from your bot account.

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Thanks, i was able to get my main twitch channel reattached and my bot account as the bot. Problem now is that after getting my accounts reconnected, the URL that I entered as a Browser source in streamlabs is no longer activating the Warp Bot. I have everything (I think) set up exactly the way I had it before but now the !add command no longer does anything.

Make sure you use the latest URL, your bot information is in that URL.

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Thanks for all your help so far. When I type in the URL thats in the WarpBar URL and Appearance tab into the URL section of a Browser Source in streamlabs, nothing happens. I’ve double and triple checked the spelling and the URL’s match. So I instead opened the URL in a seperate window on Chrome and it fixes the issue. So now I’m not sure why it’s not loading from my Browser Source in Streamlabs.

Here is the URL that I am provided in the WarpBar tab:

That is the one currently loaded into my Browser Source on streamlabs. When I copy and paste it into a browser tab on Chrome, it loads this URL and it fixes the program:

Should I be using the second URL in streamlabs, or is the first URL the one that is supposed to be loaded?

First. Delete those URLs. They contain your secret key and should not be shared in a public forum.

Second the reason it’s not working is because you disconnected Warp World from your bot when you removed the connection. You need to relink it and follow the instructions. Open a new window incognito and login to Twitch with your bot there and then copy the link from the instructions to link it.