Improving validation for level codes

I’ve noticed a lot of my users type the mario maker 2 level codes in different ways. Some do it like the bot expects with XXX-XXX-XXX but some do it with spaces instead of dashes XXX XXX XXX or without spaces altogether XXXXXXXXX. Is there any way to improve the validation of the level code so that entering levels codes in all of these formats is acceptable? I’d be willing to contribute to the project myself if need be.

Users for SMM1 got pretty used to using XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX, so I think users can learn to use XXX-XXX-XXX. Users will catch on pretty quickly. I’m not interested in checking for multiple types of matches. Improving a regex to catch this isn’t anything we need help with for contribution.

You’ll have to pardon my ignorance here, but why aren’t you interested in this kind of improvement? On a slightly related note, what kind of contributions would be interested in?

Users are used to a certain format, all the other level bots also follow the official level format. I do not wish to create confusion where a certain level format is supported on one stream and not the other. It is in everyone’s best interest to follow the official XXX-XXX-XXX format and to teach users that.

As for the other question, nothing comes to mind at this time. There really isn’t much one can do to help without me spending time getting them up to speed on things and right now I have my tasks and goals so for the time being I’m not really sure what one could do to help.