Individual WarpBars for different Queues?

I’ve noticed that you can only configure one type of WarpBar, no matter which Queue you’ve selected and activated. If it’s not too burdensome (either work-wise or server/data-wise), could you possibly allow for an individual WarpBar that’s tied to specific Queues instead of one single WarpBar that serves as a universal one?

I would love to be able to use Multi-Queue for additional purposes than just SMM2, but with the currently universal WarpBar system it’s practically very difficult. Should I wish to show a differently configured WarpBar for a different queue, I’d have to manually change it back and forth everytime.

Each queue can have a unique Warp Bar which includes style and responses. You just need to change which queue you’re using from the queue list on the site.

Having multiple WarpBars active, however is not possible and would be unlikely to ever be done. The bar itself is also your chat bot, so having multiple bars active even for different queues could cause a lot of confusion for users and a whole lot of mess with the bots.

If you had 2 queues setup and they both still had the “!join” command, every time someone tries to join they would be met with 2 responses. This would happen for every command that shares the same command name as another between the Warp Bars.

And then even if you did have custom names for each command, communicating that to a chat seems like it would be very frustrating as a streamer and especially as a viewer, because now instead of the normal commands a majority of streams use, you’d have a bunch of custom ones that they now need to remember.

I’m not really sure what benefit having multiple active bars would be. Additionally the way the site, and API and everything works is with 1 queue active at the moment. This would require a whole re-write just to accomplish.

What you said is good enough so I must’ve done something wrong, because I could’ve sworn that even though I changed the configuration of WarpBars while different queues were activated didn’t seem to save individually but universally. I guess I could’ve had my WarpBar active somewhere, like OBS for example. But if what you’re saying is true and saving different configurations for WarpBars is already possible, then this is exactly what I was looking for and like you said, there is no need to have 2 or more WarpBars acitve :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply - I will try this out again asap!

Never mind - I was right after all. I just tried it out again after reading your reply, and although customizable commands will save individually according to their respective queues, WarpBar configuration WILL NOT save individually according to their respective queues. I made sure that WarpBar wasn’t active or open anywhere, and when I saved a WarpBar configuration from queue A and switched to queue B, queue B had the SAME WarpBar configuration as queue A.

So unless I’m misunderstanding something, what you’re saying is NOT true at the moment and you have to manually change/configure the WarpBar everytime if you want to use a different style for different queues, because it currently DOES NOT save an individual configuration style per queue. Whatever change you make to the configuration saves and applies universal.

P.S : just to make things clear, when I say configuration I mean the configuration from [WarpBar Info].

I don’t really see how we can be getting mixed up. The whole point of the queue system being written the way it is, was to allow this exact functionality. I’ve included a video showing it working so unless I’m mistaken with what you are saying I don’t know what to tell you. In this video I have 2 queues with different names, colors, and messages to display in the bar.

The fact of the matter is the color, and info is all custom for the bars. There isn’t a way for a bar to grab info from another queue like what you’re saying, it’s not designed in a way for that to work. If you can reply back with a video to show what you’re seeing I can take a look since it seems like we are talking about 2 different things.

Thank you for taking your precious time to even record a video for demonstration. The steps you took in the video were no different than the ones I took before and yesterday to test things out, only their results different. So I was going to record it and show it, but only now it’s suddenly functioning perfectly fine lol. It even has the different configurations I’ve saved from yesterday.

I really don’t know what to say because honest to god I have no idea what happened and why - it just really wasn’t working the way it should’ve been until yesterday but now it all seems fine. I guess it’s all good for now and will tell you again (that time with a recording for sure) if it starts acting weird again.

I am very sorry to have caused you the trouble and am really grateful for the extra time and efforts you took to record that video. Have a nice day! :slight_smile: