Integration with Maker Teams

It would be convenient for SMM streamers running viewer levels if !won took the current code and POSTed it to or whatever the backend URI is. You could pull #TeamX or #TX from the title and description. (hopefully you have access to the description)

The streamer would need to be able to send an auth token along and presumably this would happen via the settings somewhere. (If this project were open source I would help work on it)

Does this site have a documented API and a way for users to get a token?

I don’t see a reason to read the stream title if the user needs to provide me with a token, either their site should then know what team the user is on, or I can make that part of the selection when this feature is enabled.

I talked to someone at makerteam and they don’t have an API. He thought it would be great to integrate with nightbot but thinks it’s pretty far away from being feasible right now.

In general to make it work we’d have to work out some way warp world users can connect their user with our makerteam “account” securely (which currently aren’t centralized, so that would also be a problem, atm one player still has one "account "for each team), then we’d probably need a new endpoint for warpworld where they can submit the clears securely. Unless they already have a discord integration actually. I’d have to think about it some more, but I guess if they already had the option to connect your discord account then we could throw them an endpoint they can use to submit clears.