Issues with Crowdcontrol

I have tried repeatedly to fix the issue I am having with CC. I have been using this ever since I have made affiliate on twitch so I am not new to using it. The effects just will not work. I have a working connection to the sever It recognizes the game it runs the scripts and nothing. People can collect coins and send effects but nothing hits my game. No interruptions no net issues the effects just do not post to my game. I have disabled my virus software and that doses not help I have tried other games and I still have the same issue. This happened about 2 weeks ago and I didn’t change a thing. It still doesn’t work and I have nuked CC off of my hard drive as well as Bizhawk and have reinstalled it 3 times and it dose nothing to fix the issue. If I need to do something in order to fix this issue please tell me this is annoying and I would like to get back to playing games with my chat :slight_smile: thanks for the help and I hope to hear back about a fix soon. Also Jaku has tried to help me with this and he couldn’t figure anything out either.


You’re just gonna get me here as well. When dealing with an issue, please stick to your original method of support.

Last we spoke we found a work around for you where you spammed effects and it resolved the issue for that session. It doesn’t make sense to why that worked and why only you have this issue, but we’re still looking into it.