Mario Maker 2 level validation issues

I am facing an issue with the bot. I have a queue and i have a check on the “No Validation” option.
However when someone adds a level the bot responds with “invalid level” message and does not add the level to the queue.

Could you help me with this issues, please?

Thank you

The validation is to confirm it exists, if they still enter an invalid format it will reject it. Do you have an example of what the levelcode they are trying to add is?

This is the level code C5Y-LDY-W7G. I have a question about the “No Validation” option in the “Customize Queue” section, if it is checked then the bot will not make a server validation of the level and it will validate the format only, am i right?

This has been fixed. Looks like a change in the logic got this placed out of order.


I do still highly suggest validating the level, the validation service hasn’t had any down time in almost 30 days.

And you are correct, if you check “No Validation”, it will will not check our server, but will still ensure the code is submitted in the correct format.

Thank you for the response and effort. I have the “No option” Checked but the bot still server validates the level. It might be a bug?

What “No Option”? Do you mean “No Validation”? It was broken, I fixed it.

Yes . I meant “No Validation” Option Sorry :).
Thank you for your time and help. I appreciate.