"Max. Entries Per User" Clarification and/or Expansion?

Hello WW and Forum!

I was wondering what it meant specifically by “Max. entries per user,” whether it was for the lifetime of the queue or the lifetime of the queue’s session?

Can a streamer make a generic SMM2 “Viewer Levels” queue with a Max Entry limit of 1 (for example), and create a new session the next day, allowing a revisiting streamer to post a second code if they wanted to, the first and only of theirs for the day?

(I may be the only one wondering about that, so feel free to ignore this suggestion if you think it wouldn’t matter, but: Can the label for that setting be updated to say something like “Max entries per user this queue”, or have two boxes, one for “Max. user entries per queue” and a Boolean setting if a user wants to set a separate Max. value for an individual session?)

That setting is maximum number of pending entries in the queue, that is, entries that haven’t been removed, completed, or skipped. It also excludes the entry currently being played. The setting is per-queue, so having a pending entry in one queue does not affect the count in other queues.

Did that help?


It does, yes! So if I understand it, when I play a course and add it as a win, loss or skipped, they’re able to add another one right after it, after it “leaves the queue?”

Thanks for the help, dx! Thanks to the rest of the team for the tools and work for the community! :+1:

Actually, they can add a new level as soon as you start playing it.