Misaligned Mega Man Maker Warp World Nav Buttons


It’s been bugging me that there’s empty link tags in the nav causing the nav buttons to misalign. If these aren’t used for anything, could you please remove/hide them?

<ul id="nav" class="nav nav-pills">
  <a></a> <!-- HERE -->
    <a></a> <!-- HERE -->
    <a id="gamemode_header" href="#" onclick="update_queue(0)" style="background: rgb(29, 142, 77); color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">QUEUE IS OPEN</a>
  <li class="active">
    <a name="queue" onclick="update_status(this.name);queue_mode();" data-toggle="tab" href="#playing">Queue Mode</a>
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Fixed. I forgot to escape the link and so it caused that odd error. :wink: