Missing image on homepage?

This may have something to do with the fact that I use a Mac, however, ever since the WW Forum has been up (or just after), I’ve had this little baby show up and never load.

It’s trying so hard.

Edit: Just as I post this, I see “QUEUE IS CLOSED” image. I guess it just takes a couple of minutes for me for whatever reason.


The button to open/close your queue is placed there. Until the page (your dashboard) has verified if your queue is open or closed that spinning symbol will be used as a placeholder. For me it doesn’t take more than a split second and I barely got time to see it before it’s replaced by a button.

Are you using any adblocker?
Anyone else having the same problem?


Well, now it’s loading like a charm. Isn’t that how these things always work out?
I’m using basic Chrome and nothing that I know of should be blocking it. I’ve noticed it a handful of times before today, but if no one else is having the same problem, it’s probably just something wonky on my end.