Missing localization message + next viewer doesn't match

As I was playing Super Mario Maker 2 with Warp World on stream yesterday, I found the following two problems:

  1. Not only is a message missing from localization, the $note variable fails to read in.

  2. I only play requested levels when the viewer is there and replies when it’s his/her turn, but otherwise push it aside and play other levels first until he/she comes back. This however, seems to cause a problem in the order of queues printed out in the warp bar or in the command outputs.

Let’s say for example, the original queue order was A-B-C-D-E. The viewer A is not in place so I push it aside, and intend to play it in the order of B-A-C-D-E. As I’m playing level B, while the website will show this changed order correctly and A is the next runner up after B, the Warp Bar or the command outputs will show/say that the next runner up is C.

In short, temporarily pushing aside levels and making manual changes to the queue order is NOT reflected on the Warp Bar or the command outputs, and they will always print out the queue order as it was originally submitted.

So is this a bug or something intentional?

For the first issue, I’ve updated the site as it was missing the entry box for that entry. It also correctly updates the $note variable now.

For the second issue, the Warp Bar only updates the order when a new entry is added or removed. Not when it’s moved. However for the list command that has been updated to show the list similar to the main site.

Thanks for letting us know!

Glad to be of help and grateful for your wonderful support as always :slight_smile:

Now, this one I’m not sure about, but I believe I recall the !next command also mal-functioning in a similar way. In other words, when the queue order has been changed from A-B-C-D-E to B-A-C-D-E, when I use the !next command while on B, the next level to come up is C and not A. Again, I’m not 100% sure about this and will have to test this out for sure the next time I go live but just putting it out there in advance.

However, if this is indeed what is happening, could there possibly be a fix for this so the !next command correctly brings A as the next level after B instead of bringing up C?

Next and all similar commands were already using the correct order.