Mixer not functioning - What am I doing wrong?

I’ve been using Multi-Queue for Twitch on my Super Mario Maker 2 streams, and it’s an awesome tool, thank you for that. I recently started to stream to Mixer as well, however, I can’t get the bot to work. I went to warp.world, Bots and More, and Mixer Bot, and connected to my Mixer account. I can’t find anything else that I am supposed to do, but any commands from Mixer are not working. What am I doing wrong? This has been going on for the last week, from when I started trying. I reviewed the other topic of Mixer and Dlive !queue command is not working thread, and it did not help.

Just cleared your account and re-added it. Can you give it another try.

I closed out of OBS, reopened OBS (with a scene with WarpBar active), went into my Live Stream Mixer chat (as opposed to past stream chat) and typed “!add” and no bot response. I then tried “!add 123-456-789”, and no bot response. I went to twitch, sent the command “!add” and got a response that the queue is closed, as I expected to.

This is a great tool, and I really appreciate the help and support on this.

I don’t know what’s changed, but I just saw the bot respond!!! it’s working, thanks!!