MM8 Rebuild Robot Masters

Exactly what is it suppose to do? I tried multiple different points of the game to make sure if it’s suppose to or when to trigger at all. I tried at defeating the first 4 robot masters then 8 it doesn’t work at all. All of the other functions worked except for Rebuild Robot Master. Even double checked to make sure the function was enabled and it was with every test.

Hey, sorry for the late reply. We are discussing and reviewing this one internally. The effect should revive a boss after it was defeated.

Thanks for reporting, we should have a fix soon.

Thank you for the response, I do also have another bug to report on that happened during the stream. Someone redeemed for me to get the Mega Ball and within barely 5 seconds I was picking up the Mega Ball this actually caused the Mega Ball to not return into my inventory at all the entire playthrough.