More Effects to Minecraft? also a slight bug report

Just a list of suggested ideas. I apologize for any grammatical errors.

-Add as many potion effects as possible
[EX. poison, slowness, blindness, ETC]
-Give milk bucket to cure said potion effects
-Give golden apples.
-Invert WASD?
-Destroy armor
-Destory offhand / Drop offhand
-Give / Take, EXP
-Destroy Inventory
-Make spawn slime actually large slime, always spawn small slime does not attack.

-Display in chat who changes day/night. Currently for me it does not do so [bug ?]
-TP to spawn does not work and takes peoples coins. I had to disable it. [bug]

I can’t think of anything else, but im curious if anything else is in the works, ive been having a lot of fun streaming Minecraft with crowd control.

Hey Bradley,

Thanks for the suggestions. However with Minecraft a 3rd party developer actually created this pack for Crowd Control and so all suggestions would be best to go directly to them. I’ll point this page to them, but it might have a better chance of being implement if you put these as “issues” on their GitHub page over at