New Queue Feature: Seeds

Hello everyone,

We’ve noticed lots of people are playing 100man for Super Mario Maker, even racing each others. One of the problems that’s often brought up is that it’s not a fair game - every racer play different levels.

Introducing Seeds

A seed is a collection of up to 10 random levels that you can share with others, they can be generated on demand in a new tab called seed in your dashboard. Any user loading your seed will get the same set of levels added to their queue.

Daily Seeds

If you like challenges you can try out our daily seed. A new seed will be generated and highlighted every day at midnight and can be found by clicking the daily-button.

Quality Control

Beside the regular filters (game style, theme, etc) there also is something called Quality Control, a filter used to weed out the worst garbage (unless set to disabled or reversed). From a random pool of 20 levels, (up to) the 10 best levels will be chosen to finally form your seed, based on star rating, clears, and more.


From where are the levels picked?

Currently they’re fetched from Nintendo by date. In the future we might move over to Makers of Mario or WarpWorlds own database to allow even more filters.

Why is 10 levels max, in-game modes have up to 16?

See here.

How do I start / bookmark the levels?

Through your warpworld dashboard, or twitch chat with help of commands, as usual.

I’m getting an error when trying to generate a seed.

Either some of our or Nintendos servers are down, or your filters are too niched and not enough levels could be found to create a seed with your preferences.

Wrapping it up

  • Who are you gonna race?
  • Questions?
  • Feedback?