$note for MultiQueue

Hey guys,

I want to add the level id (saved in note) to the !next message:
“Hey $viewer you are now up! Be ready!”

Sadly, I didn’t find anything in the documentation. I already tried many variables.

Is there a way to get the note Message?

Thank you in advice for your help :slight_smile:


This is being implemented. Should be done tonight.


This has now been implemented and should work with the !next, !subnext, !random, !subrandom commands.

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Thank you very much <3

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How did you name the variable?

That would probably help.


Okey, this just works only for !next like you said. But wouldn’t it be nice to allow it anywhere? In !add, in !completed and maybe the queue as well?

DaveBave also informed me that $streamer does not work as well :frowning:

I’m sorry for so much trouble, but I guess this would make the life of all smm2 streamer much easier.