Overlay refuses to work for other people?

The overlay doesn’t seem to want to work for others, though the redemptions work fine, when it wants to stay connected. Sending test effects to OBS works fine as well, specifically when anyone else redeems anything, nothing shows up on the overlay at all. This is with Raft, is a shame because I got the pro membership and it has been giving me issues constantly, I’ll have to restart the game from the modloader multiple times during a stream as it will just cease connection and people won’t be able to use it until I exit and go through the process from the beginning.

Hey @billith what you’re reporting is definitely not normal behaviour. We haven’t had any other similar reports about the overlay or game.

Are you running any antivirus or firewalls?
Does the dashboard in the CC desktop app show redeems?
When you say “it will just cease connection” are you getting any errors during that time?

a. I have windows default firewalls/defender etc, I used to run malwarebytes premium well before I used crowd control, OBS does not behave any differently between the two

b. The desktop app shows when people redeem options. Afaik they all do, but none appear on OBS except when i send test notifications out, they do not even show up on the overlay when I redeem them myself.

c. Yes, I don’t recall the exact wording but it appears over the modloader on occasion and says something like “sharp mono injector process utils […]” and CC desktop tells me there is no active stream/session on my channel. There might be a correlation, not sure about causation as the error happens sometimes and only when CC fails to connect properly with my channel, which I discover and rectify fairly quickly, while the overlay doesn’t work at all, ever.

A) That firewall and everything should be perfectly fine.

B) Is this OBS or StreamLabs OBS? If you open the overlay in chrome/Firefox along side OBS and send some effects yourself does it show up in the other browser? I’ve seen some reports where users will need to have at least closed OBS the first time they added CC.

C) That error seems to be ModLoader related and might not be caused by CC. Do you have any other mods? Is the mod loader updated? How did you install CC? That error sounds like it’s killing other processes when it errors out which is causing CC to not work.

If you can test all this and you don’t need to go live to test, you can use the live extension button in the app to send effects let us know if/when it crashes again and don’t restart anything.