Please let me help

Crowd Control sounds like a lot of fun, but the overlay is really basic, and I’d love to volunteer to help with designing some themes and stuff. …This desire to help may have some degree of selfish motivation but listen if it helps right? I realize you probably already have people working on it, but if you can use an extra pair of hands, I’m up for it.

I have a lot of experience in web design and a decent background in web development; the overlay we use on our stream is a custom web app that I run on our local server that enables us to do things like run outtros that change based on subscribers/cheerers/donators, show that info on screen, and even change what our little avatars look like.

Sorry if this isn’t the best place to contact you guys about this but the only other point of contact I saw used words like “critical” and “urgent” and I felt maaaybe that wouldn’t be ideal to poke at >.>

Anyway, let me know if such help would be useful ^^

The overlay we have is just CSS and HTML, anyone is welcome to customize it. We kept it simple for that reason.

If you open up the path ‘%LOCALAPPDATA%/Programs/CrowdControl/resources/static/overlay’ on your system after installing Crowd Control you should see the files that you’d like to design on.

We plan to allow users to have themes and other custom things with this. So feel free to take a look and let us know what you’re able to make!