Pokemon Giveaways

Hello !
Firsteval I want to say the devs thank you for creating such amazing bot. It does fit exactly to what I need and I’m glad that I found it on internet.

I’m doing pokemon giveaways (Pokemon Sword & Shield) and the rule is very simple:

  • someone want to join the trade has to type !join
  • I will call the next person to trade with me with the command !next.

The issue is: After typing !next the in the chat I have to remove after the trade everytime manually the queue entry because after hitting !next one more time for some reason in the queue list the person which I already traded will be displayed.

It’s not a big issue for me but I tought that thats maybe not the point how this should exactly work.

Maybe I have to notice as well that after I type !next in the chat, I do not choose either “win” or lose" as the queue is only made for giveaways and not battles etc.

Kind regards!

We’re glad you like the software! And you’re right it was designed more for battles, or completing something and less for giveaways.

At this current time, you will always need to do an action such as !won, !loss or !remove before doing !next. The reason for this is if we allowed !next without an action first, the entry would just get put back into the queue, call the entry after it, and then the next time you called !next, the previous entry would technically now be selected again.

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Alright! I got you <3 Thank you for your quick reply!

edit: It would be awesome if you could consider the queue script for such giveaways as I do, thank you !