Pokemon Red - not getting the right pokemon

Hey there!

Yesterday I did my first Pokemon Red stream with the crowd control extention, which was a blast. The first two pokemon gifted to be had no problems. However, we quickly found out that the pokemon given would not always be correct. As an example someone had given me a Ghastly, but the game gave me a Ditto instead.

I did a test today and got the following results

Raferum gave you a level 2 Caterpie!
Raferum gave you a level 5 Vulpix!
Raferum gave you a level 2 Chansey!
Raferum gave you a level 2 Drowzee!
Raferum gave you a level 3 Abra!

What the game gave me:

Lvl 1 Mr. mine
Lvl 5 Vulpix
Lvl 5 Chansey
Lvl 2 Drowzee
Lvl 2 Abra

So it gets some of them right, but itt seems to be one right, one wrong, etc

Any idea whats going on here? Given items have so far been normal, so it seems to only be the pokemon that bring an issue.


Thanks for reporting, very strange issue. Are you able to DM me on Discord to get some more info? saturn#0385

Mainly looking to get ahold of your ROM and SaveRAM(BizHawk-2.3.1\SNES\SaveRAM) to do some testing. Thanks!